Mandatory tools

Following are developer tools you need to build Liogo. All tools are open source or free of charge.

.NET Framework SDK

.NET Framework SDK extend .NET Framework runtime to include some developing tools and samples. Here, you should have the .NET Framework SDK to use the C# command line compiler (CSC). For .NET Framework 2.0, Download here. For .NET Framework 3.0, Download here.


Jay is a yacc like compiler compiler tools used by Liogo to generate the Logo syntaxic analyzer. It's a port of YACC to Java then to .NET. Download here.


NAnt is a command line build tool. All tasks to build Liogo are defined in a nant ".build" file. Current version is "0.85". Download here.

Tortoise CVS

All Liogo source files are hosted by sourceforge.NET CVS server. Tortoise CVS is a CVS Client on Windows. Current version is "1.10.1". Download here.


NUnit is a unit testing framework for .NET. The assembly LIOGO-TEST.dll include all unit test for Liogo core, compiler and framework. Current version is "2.4". Download here.

Other tools

Following are other tools used to build the full Liogo package.


NCover is a code coverage tool. More than 80% of the Liogo source is covered by unit testing. Current version is "1.0RC2". Download here.

NAnt Contrib

NAnt Contrib is an add-ins package for NAnt. Current version is "0.85". Download here.


WiX is a tools do build easily an Windows Installer file (.MSI). Current version is "2.0". Download here.


BuildPromo is a tools wrote by Rudolf Henning use to upgrade version information in an assembly. Download here. lists free programmers' Resources, including free compilers and interpreters for various programming languages. A great site for developers. More here.