Logo links

Brian Harvey's Home Page

It's undoubtedly the place to go to start on Logo. Brian Harvey is THE Guru of Logo. Its bibliography include the trilogy on Logo programming: "Computer Science Logo Style" and, thanks to him and to the editor, you can read it from free from its web site. See here.

Construction with Logo from Daniel Ajoy

Logo is mostly used to teach kids the basic of programming. Daniel Ajoy have done a great job to select few exercises to be a Logo master ! You must do it to be a true Logo programmer. See here.

Logo Workshop from David Costanzo

David Costanzo offer here a pretty cool Workshop to understand what is Logo. All examples are in MSWLogo/FMSLogo but most are usable or adaptable to Liogo. See here.

Tools links

UCB Logo

UCB Logo is THE reference implementation of Logo by University of California Berkeley. You can download it for most of existing platform from DOS to MacOS X. See here.


MSWLogo was an UCB Logo enhancement for Windows platform only. In my opinion, it was the most usable Logo. Thanks to David Costanzo to have done an open source version of MSWLogo called FMSLogo. See here.


Other links

Logo Foundation

Logo Foundation is devoted to informing people about Logo. It's the place to go to find everything on Logo. See here.

Logo Forum Yahoo Group

A Yahoo Group on Logo. A good way to know what's new in the Logo world. See here.