What is LIOGO ?

LIOGO is a Logo compiler for .NET.

Logo is an interactive programming language mainly used for learning. First, Logo is really good for drawing because in Logo you draw using a "turtle" that you must teach what you want to draw. Logo is also a powerful dynamic programming language: you can build a fully new program in your Logo program using lists and variables. Finally, Logo has an active community of teachers, artists and developer.

Most notable features of LIOGO are:

  • UCBLogo compatibility,
  • Framework of more than 200 Logo procedures,
  • Turtle graphics Framework,
  • Compile to EXE or dynamically loadable DLL,
  • Liogo can call any .NET Assembly using any .NET language (C#, VB.NET, C++, ...),
  • Use Logo variable scope (called can see calling variable),
  • Include Logo dynamic operation (RUN, MAP, INVOKE, FOREACH, ...),
  • Multi-thread core,
  • Multi OS Support: Windows and Linux,
  • Localization of structural element, framework and messages,
  • OLE Automation interface to call Liogo from Excel, VBScript, ...
  • Totally Free and Open Source (under GPL License).

Join the Logo experience with LIOGO: go to the Liogo Tutorial.

Latest news

2012-04-28: Liogo 0.4.1 is now available.

Thanks to Stephan Vogel, Liogo has now full support of German (both in messages and commands).

2007-12-24: Liogo 0.4 is now available.

Liogo 0.4 provides several great enhancements:

I hope you'll enjoy this new release and I'm waiting for your feedbacks.

For more news on Liogo, go to the Liogo project News page or subscribe to the RSS Feeds RSS Feed Available.